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Personal Effects Lockers

Personal Effects Lockers  are high-density compartment lockers that provide cost-effective storage for mobile phones, wallets, keys and other small personal items.With anywhere from 20 to 40 compartments and a high-grade, durable steel construction, these lockers are a space saving alternative to standard models, capable of offering peace of mind to large numbers of students or staff in schools, offices and many other environments. PERSONAL EFFECT LOCKER All of our personal effects lockers feature cam locks with 2000 differs, greatly reducing the possibility of duplicate keys, and come with two keys per compartment. Mastered options are available – please contact us for more details. Each compartment shelf also overlaps the adjacent locker doors to prevent forced access from users above or below. In customer-facing areas especially, it’s vital that lockers look great as well as function effectively. A minimal design, four different sizes and six vibrant, contemporary colours ensure that these lockers can enhance any space. Our personal effects lockers are finished with a Germ Guard Active Technology antibacterial coating that impedes the growth of potentially harmful bacteria such as E.coli and MRSA. Ideal for hygiene sensitive environments in healthcare, education, food manufacturing and processing, or retail changing areas. Key features:
  • Cam lock with 2000 differs fitted as standard.
  • Sturdy steel frame offers security and durability.
  • Shelves continue through frame and overlap doors to protect adjacent compartments from theft.
  • Practical compartment aperture: 150mm height x 163mm width x 360mm depth.
  • Powder coated in a choice of 6 vibrant colours.
  • Germ Guard Active Technology antibacterial coating.
  • Pre-drilled for nesting.
Material Heavy gauge cold-rolled steel plate.
Pre-treatment Water wash, chemical wash, phosphating.
Finish Durable electrostatic powder coating.
Colour Classic grey, two-tone option, or other customized colour.
Fittings Index holder, keyed camlock or padlock latch.
Accessories 66 keys, assembly screws.

Wall Reader Access Control

Wall Reader Access Control for Opening gates, barriers or barrier-free access points.
  Wall Reader Access Control system is mainly used to give access to a certain room, office or building (depending on your application) to certain people. With the outdoor slim keypad, the VIS-3003, you can gain access through three different options. You can enter a pin code onto the keypad, use a proximity card, and/or use a proximity key tag. This keypad will allow up to 2000 users through either of the three access options. Since this is a standalone system, meaning that there is no software, it is recommended for you to keep a record of all personnel and their assigned user ID with key code, key card or key tag. On the keypad, you will notice a doorbell towards the bottom. This will allow people from the outside to ring the doorbell and notify those inside that there is someone wanting to come in. Once someone has entered a programmed code, card, or tag, the maglock will disengage and allow for entrance. The lock will then engage again and remain closed until it is unlocked by one of the three access options. The VIS-7005 exit button will allow those from within the facility to exit when they push the button. Through the outdoor keypad, you can program your delay from 0 to 99 seconds. The meaning of having a delay is setting a time until the maglock engages again. The popular applications for this kit is for offices, commercial buildings or any room that needs restricted access. Wall Reader Access Control Main Features: Metal structure, anti-vandal, simple & safe design Supports fingerprint & ID card Using the dark background imaging technique, make the dry/wet fingerprints are always easy to be recognized in the variant light conditions except the direct solar radiation Can add / delete the user’s fingerprints by manager fingerprints/cards very quickly Infrared remote control for programming Anti-magnetic, prevent opening door by magnetic illegally Built-in PIR (passive infrared) to wake up the device from sleep mode With Wiegand 26 input or output Supports: inter-connected; inter-locked, door ajar, forced, shunt, monitor, and secure mode Multi-function, can be used as a stand-alone access control and a RFID reader Wall Reader Access Control Advantage: This fingerprint is anti-vandal design, it adopt the new dark background technology, making it easy to read the fingerprint even though under the direct sunlight Metal Structure: Environment friendly zinc alloy, makes it strong and durable Enroll Fingerprint Safely: The fingerprint identification has the advantage of unduplicated, and only identifies the valid fingerprint automatically Remote Control Operate: Operated by remote control, easy and convenient 1000 fingerprints and 2000 cards capacity Wall Reader Access Control

Automatic Sliding Door

Sliding door series are adaptable to different installation requirements. It’s designed for heavy traffic situations both for heavy pedestrian volume places (Super Markets, Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, etc) and medium-sized users (Offices, Restaurants etc). It’s main features are its silent opening and closing action; it’s dynamic stability and it’s quick and easy installation. Characteristics and Advantages (1) Automatic sliding door mechanism are available in either single sliding, bi-parting or telescopic configurations. (2)Modularization design to make installation and adjust more easy; (3)Adaptable to all types of door frames; (4)Motor power control system with automatic reversal for user safety; Automatic Sliding Door System using: 1) 10mm Toughened (Tempered) Frameless Glass Door with Logo Design on Door 2) 5mm Aluminium Framed Glass Door * Door sizes can be customized More Powerful Three roller carriage ensure the door can’t derail from the profile. European installation design promise its smooth and stable operating. Rubber damping-washer, advanced synchronous toothed belt and alloy guide roller make sure there is few noise when it works. Hands free operation is actuated by sensor activation or other automatic activation. The various operating modes  “ Lock, Exist Only, Permanent Open, Half Open, Automatic” can be selected via remote activation ( remote controller). Unique design remote controller. When you don’t need to use remote controller, you can power off to increase its working life Safe Operation Safety beam sensor protection Auto-reverse when it meets obstruction. The impact force is less than 67N. Easy to open by hand after power fails. It can open at least 80% within 3s after activation by activators if opening width is up to 2000mm. Battery works after power fails. Door open and keep open or works normally with battery power. Fuse protection WE CAN INSTALL IN ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA
  • * Unique drive design, controls excellently running speed, force, time, and distance * Precise performance thanks to the unique high quality encoder * Stable procedure guarantee, pulling or pushing the door will not cause software scramble * Self-lock motor on night duty, controlled by remote * Lock against unauthorized people’s operation * Normal open, normal close, half open, automatic operation, 4 options available by remote * Superior safety protection function, re-open against obstruction on door closing, and stop encountering obstacles on door opening * Excellent memory function, the door will approach slowly to the location where the obstacle exist last time * Flexible application for both single leaf door and dual leaf doors * Easy installation, absolutely time saving solutions * Impressive durability, passed 2 million cycles test
(1) Automatic sliding door mechanism are available in either single sliding, bi- parting or telescopic configurations. (2)Modularization design to make installation and adjust more easy; (3)Adaptable to all types of door frames; (4)Motor power control system with automatic reversal for user safety; Benefits INTELLIGENCE: Benefit from high-tech microcontroller and customer-oriented idea, trouble-free to configure operation and security function. SAFETY: With security sensor, prevents human body stroke accident. Even when door is pushed or pulled manually will not interfere with the system programming; Unique electronic lock capable of controlling entry and exit number of people. Optional backup power supply keep door at configured state while power off, guarantee human safety. RELIABLITY: Provides professional mechanic design and high efficiency DC brushless motor plus advanced synchronous belt, door move quietly and durability. The system operates well under a wide range of voltage from the advanced design of power supply circuit. ENVIRONMENT: Adopt new design concept and new materials, avoid resonating vibration, door move quickly and noiseless. ENERGY SAVING: To minimize the air convection, the width of the door can be automatically programmed to corresponding values; Still with the latching mode provided when closed, it prevents the convection from outside, help to keep the temperature and humidity inside the room, and minimize the costs of the air-condition as well. CONVENIENT : Door open and close automatically, trouble free to install and dismount.
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